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IPv6 Lookup tools is a free lookup tool witch tell you the real owner of a given IPv6 Address. You can use for researching the background information for anyIPv6 address. Give it a try, enter an IPv6 Address and get detailed information of the owner, location, ASN number and many more. We are continous improving our database with additional information about the given IP Address.

What is IPv6?

Originally we uses a 32-bit number known as Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). This protocal is still used today. However, there are limits. Due to the enormous growth of the internet we reach the limits of thouse addresses. A new protocol IPv6, using 128 bits for the address, was developed and standardized by RFC 2460 in 1998.

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Our most used IPv6 Tools has the most common used tools available for you. Here you find our most used tools

IPv4 To IPv6 convertor

IPv4 is vital for most internet systems. With this tool you can convert an IPv4 address to an IPv6 address.

Go to the IPv4 to IPv6 converter
Compress an IPv6 address

The internet is shifting from IPv4 to IPv6 addresses. IPv6 addresses are lengthy and challenging to use. With some basic rules it is possible to compress an IPv6 address to a more manageable address.

Go to the Ipv6 Compress tool
IPv6 CIDR to Range

Do you have an IPv6 CIDR and you want to know the range of the CIDR? Use the IPv6 CIDR to Range subnet calculator.

Go to the IPv6 CIDR to range
Expand an IPv6 address

When working with IP ranges it is more efficient to have full expanded IPv6 addresses. To expand any given compressed IPv6 address you can use this tool

Go to the Ipv6 Expand tool

Last founded IPv6 addresses

Below are the most recently found IPv6 addresses which are used to retrieve IPv6 information.

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